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'Vast place of nothingness'

Entrancing landscapes, lunar mountains, romantic desert scenes and abundant wildlife – a country that offers a visual feast. 

About us

Namibia Safari Exclusive provides a personalised, approachable service that is based first and formost on the travel needs of the client. With special attention to detail, value for cost, and professional relations, our tours are guided by passionate and experienced guides.  We also custom design tours to suit your needs. 

We offer guides in English, German, and Afrikaans.

 Private Guided Tours

 These safaris are led by one of our experienced guides who also acts as the driver of the private vehicle.  Guests have the oppurtunity to relax and experience the tour with first hand information which transforms any safari into a life enriching experience. 

Our tours are created for diversity, experience, convenience, and comfort and can be adapted to suit your needs.

Guided Self drive Tours

 For those who prefer the experience of driving their own vehicle, we offer guided self-drive tours.  When travelling with one of our guides, your journey will become an in-depth experience of the country. The guides have great knowledge of the environment as well as the ability to relate to the local people leaving you to enjoy the adventure.

These tours can be adapted and are flexible to be custom-made.  We also offer unguided self-drive tours.

Vegan Friendly

If you advise in advance, we will make sure that you have vegan meals catered for you.

Customized Tours

Our tours are adaptable according to your needs.  Accomodation type and length of tours are flexible. 

Photographic Tours

We love taking photos.  Our tours can be planned around the best times and spots for the best shots.


Our guides are fluent in English, German, and Afrikaans.